Photos fro the trip

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Wild Turkeys in my yard

We first saw these Turkeys first when they were just tiny chicks. Now the chicks are hard to separate from the adults.


Turkeys 2 months ago.


Turkeys and young 1 month ago.2-_MG_0027 copy


Turkeys now. These were taken through the front door glass. Need to clean that glass!



Trip to the Land between the Lakes

My brother and I went to the LBL to see the Buffalo and Elk in the Prairie region.  the gate was locked due to the government shutdown. We hiked around the Hematite Lake instead. Here are some shots from the drive to the LBL and the hike.


01-_MG_0027 02-_MG_0028 13-_MG_006803-_MG_002604-_MG_0030  05-_MG_0031  08-_MG_003806-_MG_003407-_MG_0035  09-_MG_0042 10-_MG_0048 11-_MG_0051   14-_MG_0057 15-_MG_0078 16-_MG_0085 17-_MG_0100 18-_MG_0106



My favorite


Recent Photos around home and the Sloughs WMA

Due to internet problems I have not posted her for some time. I will try to catch up.



Sloughs WMA


 2-_MG_0143   5-_MG_01614-_MG_01543-_MG_0146

Around my pond

 6-_MG_0178 7-_MG_0182 8-_MG_0186 9-_MG_0196


_MG_0055 Hummingbird moth

_MG_0092 Hi there

Red-bellied Woodpecker  Red-bellied Woodpecker

04-_MG_0249 Bullfrog

14-_MG_0298 15-_MG_0299 07-_MG_0265  06-_MG_0257 02-_MG_0237 1-_MG_0260 Pond

1-IMG_0060 Clematis

Honey Bee on Sunflower17-_MG_0306 Yellow Swallowtail Butterfly

13-_MG_0294   20-_MG_0231Skipper

1-IMG_0292 Solomon Seal

1-IMG_0083 4-IMG_0091 Loving Purple

3-IMG_0088 Peony

Rhododendren Rhododendron

01-_MG_0314 03-_MG_0346 Cottontail & Hen with my tomatoes

06-_MG_0320 Queen Ann’s Lace

04-_MG_0324 Milkweed Pod

02-_MG_0331 Zinnia

Lizard for lunch Mimosa

Dogwood blooms lightroom lg. Dogwood this Spring

1-_MG_0130 1-IMG_0104 1-IMG_0293 My neighbors1-_MG_0129Wild Turkeys

01-_MG_0024 copy for G  - Copy (2) Day Lily

02-_MG_0023 copy for G 07-_MG_0033 copy for G _MG_0424 Crape Myrtle

_MG_0453 Zinnia and spider

09-_MG_0275 Honey Bee and Sunflower

edited butterfly zinnia Yellow Swallowtail on Zinnia

Raw processed Zinnia Lovely color Zinnia

Recent trips

Misfit Island

I am always amazed at the sense of serenity I feel here as Linda and I take the gator and drive up the long driveway to the cabin. We pass the historic old home and barn, open a gate and slowly drive along keeping a lookout for what we may see along the way. The road has sunk several feet since it was first used. It’s a hard packed clay road with the roots of trees exposed along the way. There are many tunnels in, under and around the roots. Each hole is an animal’s dwelling. We see Groundhogs scurrying and Raccoons peeking out every few feet or so. Some Raccoons are very curious and we can come within a few feet of them before they disappear to peek out again. I try to get some shots of them.

There is a beautiful blond mule at the historic barn. She is 35 years old and just lost her partner who was the same age.


This Raccoon looks surprised to see me.







Raccon copy




We also see several deer and some Mamas with babies.              







Newest shots from Reelfoot Lake TN

May 29, 2013

Shot this one with my 50D and TAMRON 18-270mm




Shot with 7D and sigma 150-500mm

Eagle with fish 2









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Shots from Florida trip Feb 25 – Mar 4

Venice Rookery

 _MG_0767 _MG_0408 - Copy _MG_0460 - Copy _MG_0500 - Copy _MG_0576 - Copy _MG_0592 - Copy _MG_0651 - Copy _MG_0653 _MG_0693 _MG_0763 _MG_0417 _MG_0713


_MG_0189-001 _MG_0274 _MG_0215


Lizard for Lunch

Lizard for lunch



Egret Preening   _MG_0446-001



  Black-crowned Night Heron




Eagle Flying



At the Beach


IMG_0235 IMG_0272 IMG_0282 IMG_0294 IMG_0322 IMG_0331 IMG_0338 IMG_0367 IMG_0378

Recent shots

Bluegrass Wildlife Mgmt. Area Southern Indiana

Short eared Owls

Owl 3

Owl 2 Owl 6


 _MG_0033 OWL 8 


Trip to Alton, IL and Pere Marquette State Park



Views of the Illinois river from the trail at Pere Marquette Park



Swans 1

Trumpeter Swans 

                                                            with juveniles



Bald Eagle adult


                                                     Great blue heron




Audubon Stat Park Henderson, KY

wetland walk

wetlands br  IMG_0069


Sloughs WMA Henderson, KY

Snow Geese and Canada Geese

IMG_0134 IMG_0089IMG_0316

Wilson’s Snipe

Sandpiper 1-001 Sandpipers-